The Hunt: Statement Blazer

It all started with this beautiful Our Legacy printed blazer I saw on Tres Bien:

But who am I kidding? That print, while beautiful, was a little too much for my tame self. However, I still wanted to get my hands on a blazer with a little oomph, so over a course of two weeks, I scoured the high street shops that were all on sale. To be honest, it was slim pickings, but there were a few interesting finds.

I saw this green blazer with a shawl collar lapel at Topman and as I tried it on, I couldn’t help but think: Jersey Boys cast member. Next!

This seersucker blazer was another Topman find. Unfortunately, it was a little too big and the last one in stock.

This maroon blazer from H&M was quite the looker, but I wasn’t so happy with the fit. I had several issues with length and the shoulders.

This grey wool blazer from H&M was one of my favourites, but the material was a little too thick and hot for Singapore. If I was traveling to a cooler country anytime soon, I would have gotten it. Unfortunately, the next trip I’m taking is in Bangkok and it’s not exactly freezing over there. This one went back to the rack as well.

In the end, I chose this blazer from Zara. It fit perfectly and the only work needed is getting the sleeves shortened a bit. The length is flattering, the material is comfortable despite the dark pattern and it’s blackwatch – I’m a sucker for anything blackwatch.

2 thoughts on “The Hunt: Statement Blazer

  1. I really like the blue Topman one actually! I’m really liking turquoise and black at the minute. But also great choice with the Zara one, understated but eye catching print and a nice fit.

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