Celebrating the Plain

01 02 640_1c79bc0531d33c589e0cca450aeb6b97 640_p_8c47bd66f06b36dfa28883a0113783adIn contrast to my previous post on the printed Eytys sneakers, these shoes — the Slouchy from Hender Scheme in natural leather and the black Slipper Sneaker from Amsterdam Shoe Co — show us that plain and simple can still be truly and madly desirable.

The classic loafer silhouette from the Slouchy perfectly encompasses the message of Japanese label, Hender Scheme: Questioning the schema of gender roles while creating simplistic and durable products with quality craftsmanship. Meanwhile, the Slipper Sneaker from ASC shows us that sneakers can be dressy, thanks to the smooth-as-butter black leather, off-white sole and low vamp.

Holdall & Co Leather Folios

With the proliferation of fast fashion, people hardly buy anything these days that will last them a lifetime. It’s a shame that quantity over quality has become the norm, resulting in the disposability of clothing and accessories that, in the end, have nothing to show for except shoddy workmanship.

However, there are a few brands out there that uphold the glory of products intended to last for life, particularly those created by talented artisans who have been making tried and tested goods for decades. One example is Holdall & Co from the UK, a brand known for its leather folios that call to mind styles made popular during the 1930s.

These folios are made from full grain, naturally tanned leather and features a convenient snap-shut lock, as well as a newspaper/umbrella loop for when you need to carry those extras.

They are currently available in two sizes: The Organised (12″), which is perfect for holding an iPad, magazines and notebooks; and The Professional (14′), which easily fits a laptop, legal documents or even startup business plans.

Want to get your hands on these beautiful leather cases? Visit the website now and take advantage of the free worldwide shipping. Isn’t it about time you owned something that you can pass down to the next generation? After all, nothing says luxury quite like longevity.