Stale & Co.

There is a subtle feeling — a whisper of a thrill — when you chance upon a brand that marries beautiful products with know-how and tradition. Such was the case when I chanced upon Stale & Co., a Singaporean label that specializes in handcrafted accessories that incorporate traditional metalsmith techniques.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 3.56.59 PMThe brand’s brass accessories, just like the Kenny Cuff Bracelet above, take on a whole new look as the wearer uses them over time, achieving a unique patina akin to a quality leather bag or raw denim jeans. This natural personalization process adds to the charm, ensuring that each item becomes an extension of yourself. In addition to brass, Stale & Co. also works with hardware, such as silver, and softer materials like yarn and glass beads, resulting in a balance that complements and harmonizes.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 3.57.23 PMWith a roster of fine bracelets, cuffs, necklaces and rings, Stale & Co. also regularly adds on to its existing collection in order to provide choices that will complement a variety of personal styles. One of the newest additions is the Kurt Cuff Bracelet (pictured above), which boasts a solid feel and hammered asymmetrical ends. It’s a statement making piece that’ll finish off a simple outfit perfectly.

Christmas Wishlist 2013

I doubt I’ll be getting all of these in my Christmas stocking this month, but this serves as a visual representation of the things I wish to slowly acquire next year. With discipline, proper saving and non-stop snooping for great deals, I’m pretty sure these babies will be mine.

gucci horsebit
Gucci Horsebit Loafer. An iconic design that has been around for over 60 years, this shoe will fit well into any wardrobe (especially mine!).

valextra cardcase
Valextra Cross-Grain Leather Card Holder. A rich green card holder, which includes a money clip for all-round versatility.

le gramme sterling silver cuff
Le Gramme Sterling Silver Cuff. My wrists are adorned with a variety of leather and fabric bracelets and this sleek, understated cuff from French label Le Gramme is the perfect piece that will ease me into metal accessories.

bialetti espresso maker
Bialetti Espresso Maker.
I don’t think coffee was ever made to come in 3-in-1 packs, so this classic Italian espresso maker is sure to make drinking coffee much more enjoyable. It also teaches discipline — from prepping it for the stove to carefully measuring coffee grounds and water.

rolling bar cart
Vintage Rolling Bar Cart. Not only will this look elegant in any corner of the living area, it will also force me to learn the classic art of mixing drinks and invest in quality alcohol. I’ll invite you for a Negroni once this happens.

Vanda Fine Clothing: Don’t Forget the Details

Some might say that guys get the short end of the style stick because of the limited amount of accessory options. Aside from footwear and belts, there are watches, the occasional bracelet, neck and bow ties, pocket squares and not much else. This may be a problem for gentlemen who have a penchant for peacocking, but for the understated male, it’s probably a relief.

Given the meager options in accoutrements, men can buy fewer pieces of the best quality options and use them time and again. This saves the hassle of constant and unnecessary purchasing. When it comes to neckties and pocket squares, Gerald and Diana of Vanda Fine Clothing know a thing or two about quality, as they source their fabrics from the best suppliers across Japan, the UK and Italy.

Handmade in Singapore, Vanda Fine Clothing products are crafted with a combination of traditional techniques and carefully selected materials. Wanting to create pieces that will last the test of time without the insane price tag was the impetus for starting the brand and almost two years later, the business has steadily picked up the pace.

However, it’s not just about picking up the first necktie or pocket square you see. Gerald shares, “Neckties and pocket squares are for complementing a look and they shouldn’t take over your entire ensemble. You wouldn’t want to be remembered as the paisley tie guy or the pink pocket square guy. Which is why when you buy either of the two, you want it to be as unobtrusive as possible — particularly when you’re a first time wearer. Once you’ve gotten used to them, that’s the time when you explore other colours, prints and materials.”

Diana adds, “When folding a pocket square, simply fold it neatly and have the edges peek out discreetly. It doesn’t have to be a big, elaborate pouf, which is commonly seen in some fashion magazines. You want it to look as if you didn’t try too hard.”

So if you’re starting to embrace the concept of smarter dressing, take into consideration the accessorizing tips shared by Gerald and Diana. At the end of the day, while accessory options are still limited, never underestimate the details. The best quality pieces that you can get your hands on have the power to pull your look together. (And don’t try too hard.)

Vanda Fine Clothing
Blk 1014, Geylang East Avenue 3
02-218, Singapore
+65 6842 2124

Holdall & Co Leather Folios

With the proliferation of fast fashion, people hardly buy anything these days that will last them a lifetime. It’s a shame that quantity over quality has become the norm, resulting in the disposability of clothing and accessories that, in the end, have nothing to show for except shoddy workmanship.

However, there are a few brands out there that uphold the glory of products intended to last for life, particularly those created by talented artisans who have been making tried and tested goods for decades. One example is Holdall & Co from the UK, a brand known for its leather folios that call to mind styles made popular during the 1930s.

These folios are made from full grain, naturally tanned leather and features a convenient snap-shut lock, as well as a newspaper/umbrella loop for when you need to carry those extras.

They are currently available in two sizes: The Organised (12″), which is perfect for holding an iPad, magazines and notebooks; and The Professional (14′), which easily fits a laptop, legal documents or even startup business plans.

Want to get your hands on these beautiful leather cases? Visit the website now and take advantage of the free worldwide shipping. Isn’t it about time you owned something that you can pass down to the next generation? After all, nothing says luxury quite like longevity.