A Love Affair With Florence

Five Reasons Why I Love Florence

1. Walking around, especially at night, is magical – street performers aplenty, beautiful lighting, lovers hand in hand and enchanting Italian music wafting through the air.

2. Simple, yet tasty Tuscan fare. Walk into a small eatery and feast on local delicacies, such as Bistecca Fiorentina, lampredotto and trippa alla Fiorentina. Most of these dishes were considered humble peasant fare, but the passion the Florentines put into preparing them elevates the food into a delectable masterpiece.

3. Meandering into an unassuming alley is like walking into a treasure trove. You discover cramped boutiques that sell the most handsome looking footwear at prices that can’t be beat; you stumble upon a neighbourhood stall that serves the most delicious salami and truffle cream paninis with a matching glass of chianti; and you chance upon little art studios filled with bright-eyed creatives.

4. Stylish locals that effortlessly strut and flirt as they enjoy a marrocchino or an aperitivo by the bar.

5. The city’s artistry has the ability to take your breath away. From masterpieces at the Uffizi, Pitti and Accademia, to beautifully adorned buildings and gorgeous piazzas.


3 thoughts on “A Love Affair With Florence

  1. I whicked my (now) wife away to Florence to propose. We stayed at the Hotel River and had a balcony overlooking the Arno which is where I popped the question. Bellissimo Firenze! :)

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